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salutations & whatnot 
02:30pm 05/08/2006
mood: naughty
Yeay! I place I can drool over Hooch! ::bounce::
I know this hasn't been posted in since last year - but I just couldn't resist. Yep...
::drool:: mmmmm Hooch....
09:29pm 23/08/2005
mood: apathetic
Fic: The Kidnaping of Mr. Aliwishus
House: Fanfiction.net
Author: Alicorn (that is my FF.net pen name)
Rating: PG
Url: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2546651/1/
Madam Hooch has something Professor Snape wants desperately, but such things do not come without a price. A fluffy, OOC answer to a challenge. Snape/Hooch
And the SHIP sails on.... 
08:24pm 20/08/2005
mood: good
I made these just now (posted them under my HP nick TwilightFeather at FA as well), please say I made 'em if you use 'em! (Basic idea sort of (TM) me since I'm working on my fic along these lines. No stealing my baby plot ):

Hi again everyone! 
08:28pm 10/08/2005
mood: bouncy
So sorry it's been so dead around here...
Hm, in other news, I've read book 6 and not much in the way of Hooch-ness in it was there?
Although, I saw many many more levels added to the Snape side of the coin, something I think that has both given birth to and killed tons of fics.
I have to wonder what Hooch was up to this whole book....
A Few Icons 
03:40pm 26/11/2004
  This community has been very quiet, so I thought I might offer up a few icons I made of our dear Madam Hooch. If you use, please comment and credit, and do not hotlink. Thank you.

Oh, the Hoochy Goodness...Collapse )
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10:51am 26/10/2004
  Shwee! It's about TIME LaHooch had her own community! I'm a Kittyhawker, but if I weren't, I'd definitely pair Hooch and Snape.  
Welcome everyone! 
05:29pm 06/10/2004
  Hello there!

Well, as the maker of this fine little group, I hereby say we are open for membership.
Feel free to start up a chat about anything Hooch related. To get things started I guess I will ask: What do you think is the real reason for Hooch having odd colored yellow eyes?
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